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Virus Tests for Pigeons, Parrots and other Birds. 
Easy, Reliable and at Low Cost.

Infections with viruses, bacteria and parasites are challanges for all keepers and breeders of birds.

The following "antigen tests" are aviable.
Antigen tests detect  viruses and bacteria in the stool, slime or other material from infected birds.

1. Chlamydia psittaci 
2. Paramyxovirus / Newcastle Disease
3. Pigeon Adenovirus
4. Salmonella
5. Giardia
6. Candida albicans
7. Avian Influenza

All these tests are easy to use. The material from the bird can be droppings, cloacal swab (taken with cotton tick),  mouth swab, trachea swab, tear or snot from the bird.
The material is mixed with a special buffer solution, and thereafter a few drops are deposited in the hole in the test chip. After max 15 minutes you will see one line if there is no viruses present in the test material, or two lines if the virus is present in the test material.

AvianLabs is specialized in the development and marketing of highly reliable user-friendly biotech tests for a large number of infections in domestic and wild birds. 

AvianLabs sell the tests to laboratoria and veterinarians world wide. 

AvianLabs is supported by one of the worlds leader within diagnostic tests for birds and domestic animals, and food safety.
AvianLabs have got the exclusive right to sell all the avian tests world wide to veterinary clinics and laboratories, and to breeders of pigeons, parrots and other birds.

AvianLabs cooperate with several world leading bio-tech firms with the development, and testing of tests specially designed for birds.  

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See how easy it is to do the testing ! Everybody can do it ! 
(Here performed by pigeon fancier and airplane captain Jan Heldal in Norway )

Also, here you can see how the test work

On this short video Veterinarian Reither  demonstrates the use of Salmonella test in a racing pigeon.

In the small video under Veterinarian Reither demonstrates the testing of a fantail pigeon for Chlamydiosis. 

In this video Mr. Jan Heldal show in detail how the Salmonella test works. 

 Do you want to purchase tests, or do you need more information?

Please feel free to send us a request  : 

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 Successful launch, demonstration and workshop in Atlanta, USA

 Australian Veterinarian Dr. Colin Walker of Melbourn Bird Veterinary Clinic, held course and workshop on avian diseases at the "Dixi Convantion" in Atlanta USA, 25th - 28th October.

He endorse the new tests, and recommends veterinarians and breeders to use them as a very handy tool to diagnose and monitor diseases and the effect of the treartments.

Two stripes on the test strip proof that the virus in quation is presnet in the test material (in this case pigeon dung)
From left to rigt: Droppings from  pigeon loft, Candida albicans, Pigeon Adenovirus and most far right Paramyxovirus test. All with two stripes.

Some of the different tests.

Take the sample on the cotton stick into the small tube with liquid. Blend and deposit some drops into the test chip. Within 5 - 10 minutes you will see a stripe will be visible in the Test area (T). The other stripe by C will be visible when the test is carried out correctly.


AvianLabs is planning to carry out surveys on pigeon and other bird shows to find out the how many birds are infected with special bacteria.
First we will sample pigeons and test for Salmonella at a few pigeon shows.
The sampeling will be done anonymously for the descretion of the fanciers.
The results will be made public in an anonymously way.

We plan more surveys to be carried out in the future.
In psittcine birds chlamdiosis is a very common disease that needs to be adressed attention at shows, but also in pet shops and also by breeders and fanciers.

Get your birds up to speed with StamoxVet

The two humorous pictures under demonstrates the idea that the pigeons get extra "turbo engines" if are given Stamox.
Stamox is a nutritional supplement that could be given to racing pigeons during the competition season.

Already used by many athletes with very good results, and also in horses to make the getting up to speed,  we have now also tested Stamox in pigeons with the same trend of results.

So if you want to make your pigeons perform even better, Stamox is the right thing to use.

Stamox can be bought at our webshop, or you can contact your local  feed and remedy supplier, and ask him to get it for you.

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