AvianLabs is established by Dr. Nils Reither in 2012, as a result of a meeting with Ed Minvielle in Bruxselles during the spring.
Nils has more then 20 year experiance as a practicing veterinarian with special interest for birds and other "odd animals" and Ed has kept pigeons "for ages" and he runs Siegelpigeons.com. 
The tests are partly developed by third party biotech companies, and are tested by veterinarians and breeders in many countries. 
AvianLabs has as goal to be world leader in tests for infctious diseases in parrots, pigeons, caged birds, ostriches and other captive birds, by providing relaible, fast, easy and low cost tests for such aninals.
AvianLabs will also provide tests for reptiles and other animals when possible.

Other people affilited with AvianLabs:

Ed Minvielle, idea provider, sparring partner for pigeon tests, and distributor in USA.
Dr. Colin Walker, veterinarian, 
idea provider, sparring partner all avian specieses and reptiles, and distributor in Australia
Leon Fjæreide,  idea provider, sparring partner for parrot tests, and distributor to parrot breeders in Norway, Sweden and Danmark
Jan Heldal, idea provider, sparring partner for pigeon tests, lecturer and epidemiologist.
Stein Thorsen 
idea provider, sparring partner for pigeon tests, and promotor for pigeon tests in Scandinavia and beyond.


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